Welcome to the Nevada Trappers Association website.  The fur industry has a long and colorful history in our state.  It is a vital part of wildlife management and continues to add to the economy today.  In these pages you will learn about our association and events.  We invite you to become a member.  

Comment on Game Management Plans

There is still time to contact your County Advisory Board and comment on NDOW's proposed Harvest Management Guidelines for Nevada

1950's Idaho Fish and Game Video

Here is a blast from the past.  As stated on YouTube, "This historical, educational documentary shows some of the history behind wildlife management in Idaho for habitat conservation and wildlife management."  Fur for the Future*

*Please note that the link we have posted will take you to another website, NTA does not endorse this site or the views on it, however if you search for the Idaho Fish and Games video on YouTube you will have to 'sign in' because it is considered by YouTube to be inappropriate for some viewers.

General Furbearer Information

2015-2016 Furbearer Season and Limits including sealing dates.

General information about harvesting furbearing animals in Nevada can be found on the Nevada Department of Wildlife's Furbearer page.  A link to the 2015-2016 Bobcat Harvest Report Form is also available.

Trapping licenses for 2015-16 will be valid for the fiscal year.  In other words a license will be valid from the date of issue until the last day of June.

Be sure to read our NEWS page for more NTA information.   Thanks for visiting.


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