Nevada Trappers Association



On the 22nd of March, 1978, the NEVADA TRAPPERS ASSOCIATION was incorporated by the Secretary of State in the State of Nevada. An organizational meeting was held on April 2, 1978 with Larry Smith elected President, Jim Brown, Vice President, Melba Brown, Secretary Treasurer, and Dennis Rechel, Fur Sale Manager. At that time the Bylaws for the corporation were developed and adopted. The first fur sale was actually held just prior to incorporating in 1978 at the Fallon Nugget Convention Facility. At that time, the majority of the fur sale participants strongly supported forming an organization.


•    To promote sound policies and oppose bad policies pertaining to the management of furbearing animals.

•    To save and faithfully defend from waste, the natural resources of Nevada.

•    To promote sound environmental education programs.

•    To promote a continued annual fur harvest using the best tools presently available for that purpose.

•    To educate young trappers in the harvesting and management of the resource.

•    To educate the public in the consumptive use of wild animals as a necessary wildlife management tool.

•    To oppose propaganda which adversely affects trapping, fur harvesting and/or hunting.

•    To press for prosecution of fur and trap thieves.

•    To promote strong, active involvement with national trapping organizations.


The bylaws of the Nevada Trappers Association mandate the organization has a President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Fur Sale Manager and 9 District Directors. District Directors shall be nominated and elected by the individual district membership for a term of two years.

Current Officers

President – Lance Stitzel, 775-934-6679

Vice President – Neil Channey, 775-962-3361

Secretary/Treasurer – Suzanne Countryman, 775-423-5116

Fur Sale Manager – Jim Curran, 775-867-2239

Current District Directors

District 1 Elko County – Don Noorda, 775-777-5242

District 2 Humboldt/Pershing – Dave Fecht, 775-273-7372

District 3 Washoe – Leo Comeau, 775-233-9947

District 4 Churchill/Lander – Steve Nelson, 775-867-5300

District 5 Eureka/White Pine – Bobby Bradley, 775-296-1255

District 6 N. Nye/Esmeralda/Mineral – Charlie Cecchini, 775-482-8723

District 7 S. Nye/Clark – Dave Stowater, 702-458-6119

District 8 Lincoln – Steve Bowman, 775-962-5556

District 9 Douglas/Carson/Lyon – Carl Olmstead, 775-575-6826

Policy Director — Joel Blakeslee, 775-742-1308


The Nevada Trappers Association is dedicated to preserving our right to trap and to the sound management of our furbearing mammals. Because of this commitment, NVTA financially supports annually the National Trappers Association, Furbearers Unlimited, Fur Takers of America, United States Sportsmen's Alliance, Delta Waterfowl and Coalition for Nevada's Wildlife. NVTA stands ready to support other State Trapping Organizations that are under attack. Donations have been made to the Nevada Department of Wildlife to conduct studies on Nevada’s bobcats, kit fox and to assist with rehabilitation of habitats destroyed by range fires. In addition, annual donations have been made to youth programs in White Pine and Lincoln Counties. The NVTA Board of Directors approved the issuing of college scholarships in 2006.


The Nevada Trappers Association has hosted fur sales since 1978 which gives all fur harvesters a competitive market to sell their season's catch. Generally, a three day sale is held in Fallon, NV on the last full weekend of February. These sales have grown to be the largest trapper association bobcat sales in the nation. All legally taken furbearers are welcome.